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SVB – Dinner at Trends, Axiom x 3, Medici

A fine dinner — I ate so many peppers I was slurring words. I should put myself through this abuse more often.

Played 3 games of Axiom and lost them all — I blame low blood sugar from an overly replete belly! Axiom is both less and more than I was expecting; a fine but not terribly engaging combinatorial game. I still somewhat wish Axiom were the game I imagined it to be on first sight, a game of moving pieces about the entire exterior surface of a constantly changing 3D shape which the players held in their hands and manipulated (changing the shape and the locations of their bits) before handing it to the other player to do likewise.

I screwed up the last auction of Medici, simply wasn’t paying attention again and drew an extra tile to a set that was already worth nothing to every other player but would also have given me biggest ship plus a max on the wheat track for a +60 bonus (I was already at +5 on wheat). Apparently I let my internal snoring break my absent concentration. Gahh.


1 Author:  J C Lawrence | Date:  25 February 2009 | Time:  01:23

I’ve moved the images to a gallery. I don’t think I’ll be using direct upload much any more — the quality is too poor and management of the images too much of a hassle.

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