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Twitter Week: 2009-12-25

Twitter Week: 2009-12-18

  • @gilhova Because the Twitter default is public-broadcast and the FB-default (was) audience-restricted. FB has inverted its control-space. in reply to gilhova #
  • Games as a (social) microcosm: RT @hnshah: 10 Business Lessons I Learned from Playing Dungeons & Dragons http://bit.ly/7VvZfn #
  • @andsoerinsaid If there's one thing I can't stand, its intolerance. And discriminating extremism. And people who can't count. So there! in reply to andsoerinsaid #
  • YFrog – Share Images on Twitter!: http://img154.yfrog.com/i/6tzk.jpg/ #
  • @dafair @ingredientx @GamesOnTheBrain I gave up on family-fare some years back. Too twee. There's good stuff there, but unsatisfying. #
  • @GamesOnTheBrain: Sturgeon's Law? #
  • @andsoerinsaid: I'm going to be different, just like all those other people over there. (Bahh, teenagers) #
  • @ingredientx: If you considered that players were (largely) predictable, would that change your view? #
  • @ingredientx: Understood. Not a problem, not uncommon, but not something I share. W/o the player-prediction problem, I wouldn't play games. #
  • @andsoerinsaid: Without the other-player problem, games seem just mental-masturbation. I don't solo-game. Not interested. #
  • Buy where you shop: http://is.gd/5sKBT Feedback loops, implied services and eating your own dogfood. #
  • @jdludlow Quite right. Basic life principle: Don't take without giving at lest as much. in reply to jdludlow #
  • @jdludlow We're playing 1873 tonight & tomorrow. Nyahh. #toodamnedlucky #18xx in reply to jdludlow #
  • #avatar: Lots of flash, lots of plot holes, mostly incoherent, not much plot or thought. Oh, & lil" blue tits instead of wang. #
  • @scottredracecar 1873 is soon to be published. Hpefully in the final revision now. Some comments in my session geeklist. #18xx in reply to scottredracecar #

Twitter Week: 2009-12-04

  • Looks like there's a bus on fire by the 85/Bascom southbound on-ramp. #
  • @thisdarkpen Aye, there are no always-win #18xx recipes which don't involve others also making crashing blunders. in reply to thisdarkpen #