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Definition: Euro(game)

Another quip from a post on Boardgamegeek:

A Euro is a marketing construct that describes a game aimed at the demographic of a young(er) suburban and culturally active/aware couple, possibly with 1-2 kids in the 6-14 age range, who wish to play games as a family or couple and/or socially with a similar couple. This well-defined, identified and understood market is the focus of many designers and publishers.


1 Author:  sedjtroll | Date:  13 February 2012 | Time:  02:07

Interesting, I hadn’t realized that this was the accepted definition of what a “Euro game” is. I think I have just been referring to those games (meeting the above description) as “mediocre Euros” – a subset of Euro games. but perhaps the common definition has changed since I formulated my understanding of the genre.

Can you provide a link to the conversation that quote came from?

2 Author:  J C Lawrence | Date:  16 February 2012 | Time:  06:06

I’ve added a link to the original post (as I should have done in the first place).

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