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Condensed English rules for So Long Sucker

Another older file, the condensed game-oriented rules for So Long Sucker, the economic theory game developed by John Forbes Nash, Mel Hausner, Lloyd S. Shapley and Martin Shubik in 1950. It is a stunning exercise and analysis tool for applied game theory. The rules for So Long Sucker on a single page: rules.

As always, corrections and comments are welcomed.

Unified English rules for Intrige

I made this a while ago. A slightly older copy has been posted to Boardgamegeek. The collated and edited rules for the 2003 Amigo and 1995 FX Schmidt versions of Intrige1: rules.

As always, comments and corrections are welcomed.

  1. I’ve not looked at the rules for the recent English edition from Mayfair Games, but believe it to be consistent with these rules.

Better English rules for Dirk Henn’s Spekulation

I’ve made an edited and formatted version of Frank Branham’s rules translation for Dirk Henn’s game Spekulation. You can find the new rules file here. Comments and corrections will be gratefully received.