J C Lawrence

Phone: (408) 410-3632

Email: claw@kanga.nu

URL: http://kanga.nu/~claw/


J C Lawrence


       Builds cost-effective massively-scalable systems.

       Customer-oriented and results-driven with 10+ years of engineering leadership.

       Full system and product life-cycle experience for both Software Engineering and Operations.


CyDesign – Palo Alto, CA

Senior Staff Engineer, April 2012 – May 2013

       Architected & then built and lead the team that implemented a reliable multi-tenant asynchronous execution system (thousands of worker systems) for model simulations using a constraint-based system to manage task scheduling fairness and resource distribution.

       Designed and implemented operational statistics and billable event collection systems.

       Ported CyModelica (a Modelica compiler) from Windows to Linux and the Gnu toolchain, and then back to Windows; along with refactoring to support team development.

Skills used: Aspect-oriented programming, AWS/EC2/S3, build & release, compiler design and implementation, constraint-based systems, engineering & technical leadership, distributed systems, Java, Lua, Python, RabbitMQ, Redis, REST services, Riak, PaaS, scalability, schema-less/no-SQL databases, StatsD, web services, virtualization and VM-based clusters


YouSendIt – Campbell, CA

Senior Staff Engineer, Storage Architect Dec 2009 – Jan 2012

       Architected and implemented scaling from ~1.5 million transactions/day and 500TB of storage to 25+ million transactions/day and 4PB of storage.

       Led the reduction of transaction error rate by 80% and site escalations from 3/week to under 2/year.

       Architected & implemented standardized engineering deliverables, build environments, build processes, product packaging, configuration management, and standardized deployment methods, initially for the storage tier and ultimately for all server-side products.

       Built a strong relationship between Engineering and Operations at all levels.

       Assorted technical deliveries: 64bit port of the storage tier, specified & moved the storage tier from DASD to a shared horizontally-scalable storage cluster model, re-implemented the storage tier as light-weight WSGI web services instead of a costly custom Apache module, multiple large customer saves for Sales and Customer Support, etc.

Skills used: Apache, Apache modules, API design, AWS/S3, build & release, C/C++, concurrent programming, engineering lead, distributed systems, GPFS, incident response protocols/teams, gevent/libevent, Luwak, master-less clusters, PDLC and engineering process, product architect, Python, Riak, SaaS, scalability, schema-less/no-SQL databases, storage systems & networks, technical leadership, web services, WSGI, virtualization and VM-based clusters


PayPal – San Jose, CA

Lead Engineer, Manager, Product Architect June 2005 - Nov 2008

       Acted as lead engineer and manager for the Developer Services team, responsible for the PayPal web-services platform ($30B+/year), IPN (API callbacks) and Sandbox test systems.

       Re-implemented merchant APIs to use name-value pair POSTs instead of SOAP. Within 6 months two thirds of all new merchant integrations were using NVP.

       In parallel with the payment-method development teams, rewrote the web-services platform for all payment and merchant APIs, moving it from a monolithic CGI-BIN/server pair to a light-weight dispatcher model routing requests to business-logic servers with good code & deployment isolation.

       Led the rollout of the new web-services tier with no unplanned downtime or lost transaction volume.

       Moved the Sandbox from a 4-system cluster in San Jose to a 100-system cluster in Denver.

       Acted as lead engineer and manager for the Merchant On-boarding team, responsible for merchant-acquisition and merchant-configuration systems. Built and trained the QA team for my group. With a local team and a team in India delivered over a dozen features including rewriting the boarding flow with a 70% reduction in fall-off rate, hierarchal sub-account management and channel boarding APIs.

       As Product Architect for the internal TurboRoller release-orchestration tool, developed and got funded a full web-services/work-flow based replacement architecture with a roadmap to get there from the current system.

       Part of the team that implemented STSI, a rescue re-architecture when internal or external dependencies fail, including the sites Oracle database (which was near crashing from load). I was responsible for parts of the payment methods and the daemon that replayed transactions received during the outage.

       Recognized for exceptional ability to work through others and consistently moving the company forward to both fix the problem and ensure it didnt recur.

Skills used: Apache, product architect, business coordination, C/C++, distributed systems, engineering lead, manager, offshore engineering coordination, security analysis, technical leadership, web services, workflow automation


Pfizer Research & Development – Groton, CT

Product Architect, June 2003 – May 2005 (contract)

       Wrote and executed massively parallel custom applications to analyze –omics data (proteinomics, genomics, etc).

       Using Open Source tools and components, designed and delivered an agent-based distributed heterogeneous computational router/framework for non-programmer computational statisticians to express common computational methods and non-statistician/non-programmer research scientists to use work-flow tools to assemble & use those methods for their research analysis.

       Collaborated on distributed computational statistics projects for Pfizer with research groups at Yale and Seattle universities.

Skills used: academic partnerships, architect, ad-hoc heterogeneous clusters, distributed computation, distributed systems, message busses, message passing networks, parallel computation, performance analysis, Python, scientific computing, tuple spaces, web services, workflow automation, virtualization, XML, Zope


Protego Networks – Milpitas, CA

Systems Architect, August 2002 – February 2003

       Designed and implemented logic core of product (aggregation and near-realtime distributed analysis of distributed network events, 20K events/second per node). Patents granted.

Primary skills used: algorithm design, architect, C++, distributed systems, engineering lead, high performance systems, Linux, micro-language design, parsers, scalability, security analysis, SSL, XML


Sun/Cobalt – Santa Clara, CA

Staff Engineer, April 2002 – July 2003 (contract)

       Implemented support for new Squid features and transferred maintenance to in-house staff.

Skills used: C/C++, Linux. PHP


2Wire – Milpitas, CA

Senior Staff Engineer, April 2001 – December 2001

       Reverse engineered and implemented proprietary VoIP protocols (Dialpad).

       Implemented POSIX thread support under pSOS

Skills used: C/C++, distributed systems, pSOS, SSL, VoIP, POSIX, reverse engineering, security analysis


Maxtor, Network Services Advanced Technology Group – San Jose, CA

R&D Team Lead, December 2000 – March 2001 (contract)

       Lead R&D team & researched and advised on future NAS and storage technology directions.

Skills used: algorithm design, architect, C/C++, engineering lead, performance analysis, project management, Python, reverse engineering, technology evaluation


Nuron – Santa Clara, CA

Senior Staff Engineer, August 2000 – November 2000 (contract)

       Assisted in design/development of a Linux-based FPGA-based memory-module device driver aimed at

the SSL acceleration and image processing markets.

Skills used: apache module, architect, cryptography, C/C++, device drivers, Linux kernel, performance analysis, Python, security analysis, SSL


Critical Path – San Francisco, CA

Senior Staff Engineer, October 1999 – July 2000 (contract)

       New product development relating to MIME and Document Object Model (DOM) support for Critical

Path's core webmail product.

Skills used: Apache, C/C++, Linux, Perl, Python, Solaris, SQL, XML