First circle the drain before being flushed away

I played Age Of Steam: Wales with a new group last night (and was so out of it that I made a utter mash of the game — quite embarrassing). (AoS: Wales is a prototype map that I hope to have released later this year — implements both standard and narrow gauge track). Perhaps more interesting is that last night’s game prompted some thoughts about a possible new Age of Steam expansion. I don’t know if there’s enough there to really pull a map out of, but I’d like to try.

Basic ideas:

  1. Goods cubes are produced on cities only when a track segment is compleated connected to that city. There is no Production Phase.
  2. Passing through an empty city during a delivery costs an income for the moving player.
  3. Production Action replaced with Business Development action which allows N random goods cubes cubes to be bought for $Q (linear or exponential cost?) and placed on the production chart.
  4. A delivery through a city with a developed goods cube produces that cube and does not deduct income
  5. No income reduction

For now I’d like to not use the simplified Peroxide economic system, though it is tempting.