Inkscape: Score tracks

Previously I’ve had trouble drawing a score track that I thought reasonable. Some of it was as simple as how to get a nice looking score track with highlights every 5 and 10. Then there are more complex items such as how to get a rectangle that loops at exactly 100? 200? I’ve been asked this more than once and it really isn’t that hard.

A few small blindingly obvious (in retrospect) tricks work wonders:

  1. Draw a shape that will represent one of your score track locations
  2. Copy it 10 more times so that there are eleven of them in a row
  3. Highlight the first and last of them in your choice of 10-space manner
  4. Highlight the middle one for a 5-space
  5. Select them all
  6. Use the align tool to give them a common base line
  7. Copy the set and put them in a row, continuing the line at the end of the previous set
  8. Do this a few more times until you have 100 or so
  9. Repeatedly use the equal-horizontal-gaps tool in the align tool interspersed with adjusting the locations of the two end shapes to get them spaced the way you want
  10. Select and group that row
  11. Rotate it 90 degrees
  12. Make the 10-space end of the vertical row align verticall and horizontally with the bottom and left of the horizontal row and then group them
  13. Copy the vertical row again and repeat with the bottom and right of the horizontal row and group them giving you a U-shaped-scoring track
  14. Insert numbers into the cells as needed

A little arithmetic will yield how long your sides will need to be for a closed loop of 100 or whatever. Just chop your horizontal to that length, do the align bit, chop the vertical to suit, make the U-shape, copy up another horizontal row, align it again to the corners and Bob’s your uncle yet again.