Attempting poker chipset design

The perrenial discussion of poker chips has resurfaced yet again and for odd reasons I’ve taken to fiddling with ChipTalk’s Chip Factory. It is a cute little system.

The chipset I finally came up with:


Among the design’s advantages, asides from using a moderately standard colour sequence, are that the edgespots bind to both the previous and next chip in the sequence, including wrapping around the ends of course1. Thus the chips themselves form explicit documentation on their relative placement within the value ranking system[^2].

My normal poker chip requirement list:

  • At least 7 visually distinct colours including white, red, green, black or blue
  • At least 10 grams per chip (11.5 preferred – I’ve used dice/suited chips so much they feel right to me)
  • Inter-chip friction important (stacking/non-slippy)
  • Edge spots preferred must not interfere with chip colour recognition
  • No writing on the chip (that includes no denominations)

The above set mostly match that.

Gahh! I posted the wrong image and didn’t notice. Corrected:


  1. I’m sure this notion isn’t original to me. Shrug.