Wages of sincerity

Knowing me, a part of the system will turn into a currency management problem, effectively a question of how to process children into VPs, so I might as well confront that aspect now. The obvious elements:

  • Healthy and injured family (injured generate more food), healthy and injured relatives (injured generate more food for them and less for you) and healthy and injured non-relatives (injured reduce food allocation for you and your relatives)
  • Population growth rate of your family and your relatives (function of what?)
  • Death and injury rate of your family and relatives
  • Kill and injury rate for military player (higher rates produce more replacement munitions faster)
  • Family population versus food allocation (starvation), and ditto relatives
  • Population camp versus population traversing minefield versus escapee/saved population
  • Military player’s score and patriarch’s isolated and combined score.

Other thoughts:

  • Possible distribution of sexes? Female score more, or injured female generate more food, or other sex-tied relation?
  • Cannibalism
  • Lotteries
  • Excess food discarded or increased mortality/injury rate due to over-eating? If injury then there’s a nice feedback loop where excess food produces injuries which produce more food.
  • Trade system for giving food to other players? How would the value of the transaction be recorded? VPs? Suppression of next turn’s food generation?
  • Increase breeding rate whenever food production falls. Decrease breeding rate whenever food production rate rises. No change on stasis?